Part 2 of @owlsiehoot’s ongoing drabble fic!

To refresh your memory, the first part is first, the second part under that!

I’ve decided to call it ‘knickers’. 

(if I knew how to un-bold this, I would, but flaming heck, I’ve been trying to fix this for the past ten minutes and AAAARGH!


For @owlsiehoot - because I promised her good things happen on Tuesdays

This is a tiny little WIP! With a thanks to @batwings79 for allowing me to steal her idea.

Getting inspired

First draft little snippet I just wrote while the blokes were playing with a ball in the house and I tried to ignore it.

On the train

Guys, I am typing the first draft in my notes… The wine (one too many) fic is underway!

2000 words

Two thousand words of smutty fluff. 

I don’t know where this stuff comes from, people, I really don’t. All it needs is a read-through now. 

Give me fifteen minutes!

Two chapters for the price of one! Because the fourth chapter is so short, I thought I had better give you the next as well. 

Kindness of my heart - I haz it ;)

Notes to self

Rereading a WIP and coming across some notes to myself, including:

Whoa, this is some bad sh*t.
Maybe I should stop writing this and start living it.
[insert rude comment here]
Channeling RP!Elsie much?
I can’t believe I made them do that. Oh well. They seemed to enjoy it.
Stop. Stop it. STOP IT. 
Whoa, going into full mom-mode here.
I am so hungry…
How many cups of tea does a housekeeper drink a day?
D*****, you are a Twerp from Twerpia.
I give up, I am going to watch Dinnerladies.

There is more, but these are the ones I came across in ten pages… Did I ever tell you all how much I talk to myself? It’s a lot.  

Why do i need so many words to write a bedroom scene? 1750 words and they are only halfway there!

Do others have this too?

Should i…

Just wondering if i should post the eleventh chapter of “The Surprise”. 

After all… it is the big reveal… But i haven’t got the chapter that comes after yet. Do you guys simply publish as you go along?