Remain calm. Be patient. Not scream half the library down.

That sort of thing.



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Ooooh. Emmmm. Geeeee…

Aunt May just called Lady Jane ‘Mrs Lovejoy’ and i go:


It is a miracle my kid didn’t wake up from it…




The Carsowl family.

My, my, somebody’s been busy… ;)

There’s been more than hooting going on in that tree…


Downton Abbey, 1920 by akachan <3

squishy meets lil charlie

He bent to rub his nose with hers.


Good morning!

Goodmorning! I am imagining them saying that to each other. THey look so pleased to see each other, it is heartwarming.




Downton Abbey has been in Carson family as long as anyone can remember. Though, it did come as a surprise when the current Lord, Charles Carson - the man who followed every tradition, every rule to the very last letter - took a Scotswoman as his bride. Not that it caused a disturbance on how Downton has run - oh no, he of all people wouldn’t be able to tolerate that.

But there are, however, other entanglements, other complications - both upstairs and down. As eldest son and heir, Thomas is expected to find a suitable wife and not much more. It’s too bad he has no interest in women. Except, of course, the collectively loathed company of his aunt, Lady Sarah O’Brien, whose reputation for causing trouble is almost as bad as that of her lady’s maid, Miss Painswick. As the middle child, Anna is used to being overlooked, shuffled off to the side. She’s never resented it; but now that she’s caught the eye of the older Lord Bates, she can’t help but appreciate the attention. But there’s much more to Bates than it appears and the closer she gets to him, the further she gets pulled into his complicated past. As for William, the youngest, he’s well aware that he’ll be cast into the world without much to his name. What he’s in need of is an heiress, what he’s drawn to is Lady Patmore’s daughter, Daisy. It’s shame Lady Patmore’s far more keen on the match than her daughter is.

Downstairs, the servants carry problems of their own. Some are small, the way the housekeeper, Violet, insists that everything, everything must be perfect and proper. Others are bigger. As butler, the weight of Downton rests on Robert’s shoulders. It’s a shame he’s never taken much to hard work. In fact, if Violet weren’t so domineering and Charles so fond of him, no one doubts he’d be out of a job. It doesn’t help that the new lady’s maid, Cora, is proving to be quite the distraction. Though, Cora has her own secrets to keep. Such as her American lineage; no one, of course, would take her seriously if they knew anything about that. Head housemaid, Mary on the other hand, has only one thing on her mind - and that’s getting her job done - at least, until the cook’s son, Matthew, shows up at Downton’s doorstep. He may have been hired to be the valet, but as far as Mary’s considered he’s clearly not one of them - and she’ll stop at nothing to prove it. Just as determined, housemaid Edith has her eyes set on a promotion. And if that means taking Mary down, then so be it. Meanwhile, the newest maid, Sybil, knows she should be committing herself to her job, but there’s so much happening in the world, nevermind Downton. Her new found interest in politics proves to not only be dangerous, but it also begins to link her to nobleman Tom Branson - a man who is known throughout London as being a radical of sorts and, as he positions himself closer to Downton, increasingly a thorn in Charles Carson’s side.

I’ve been having some detailed dreams about scenes from this meme.

Just let me finish TFT and TMIB. Then we’ll play.

This is going to be so good.
My whole dash is going to be liveblogging RPs. Which is all good in my book.
Also, the coy sideway glance GIF will be reblogged over and over. Because i am certain is how Lady Elisabeth would look at Lord Charles.