When Mrs Hughes comes home from the fair, she walks down the hall and stops as she watches Sarah, William and John in the servants’ hall. She stops and she cocks her head and watches how John tries to comfort - or confront? - William who storms off. Then there are all sorts of things happening in the servants’ quarters and you can see her thinking and contemplating Joe’s offer.

And she turns him down and she tells Charles and you can so obviously see the pain in her face. There is a knock and she is off to the next crisis: “Leaving? Where ever would I find the time?”

Of course I am blinded by my love for Mrs Hughes, but I really think she deserves a bit of happiness, since she has sacrificed hers - willingly, absolutely, but sacrificed it nonetheless. I think a good snog is in order. A good snog with a lovely, broad chested, distinguished looking, rumbly voiced butler.