What do you think?

Stories that play after the smut-series?

There may be a little smut here and there, but I am thinking stories of a domestic kind. 

Would you (as a reader of my stuff) be partial to that or is it a really dreadful idea?

In between ordering dresses (from Evans - i love international shipping, i really do), planning my birthday party (31, May 5th - you’re all invited) and trying to pretend i don’t have to work tomorrow (so far, limited success), i gobbled up the best tiramisu i have had in my life.

We often order Italian on Tuesday and yesterday we got some dessert, which we normally don’t and it was so good, i even forgot to take a picture of it and now i am kind of sad about that, but so glad i ate the whole thing :)

I am a bit worried i won’t be able to order anything there without ordering the tiramisu… because i don’t handle dairy very well… 

First world problem?