Midday Must Have : Jibri Spring Collection 2014

There is simply no underestimating the power of Things We Missed Out On, this was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Jibri’s latest collection .

I really love how they always stay true to their vintage and urban street aesthetic , giving us a mixture of classy, fun and flirty at the same time.

Out of all the pieces shown above my favorite is the high waist slouch pants  and is very ideal for anyone who  wants to jazz up their closet by trying the crop top trend and in doing so not show a lot of skin.

All of these items can be found on their website , available on request in sizes 14 -24 and ranging in $120 us  - $240 us

logpoes I will be SO soulful and Mariah-ish, it will be glorious.

  1. nimblewordplay said: I love your responses to reviews. (Also I have a crapload of reviewing to do)
  2. crazymaryt said: If you consider that stalking please continue. You are wonderful.
  3. kissman91 said: I aspire to reply to my reviewers as carefully and consistently as you. Mostly when I don’t, it’s out of shyness more than anything else. Go you! I think it’s great!
  4. chelsie-carson said: Sweetie, you are the complete opposite of a creepy stalker. I still try to answer every review too.
  5. logpoes said: In 13 years of blogging, I’ve replied to every comment I’ve gotten. I think it’s just common courtesy to respond when someone has taken the time to read and reply/review what you’ve written. I really don’t see you it could be considered stalkerish.

Yesterday I was replying to people I have been replying to for so long and suddenly it just felt so wrong and odd - maybe a sign that things are just not going very well health-wise? Anyway, thank you all for your kindness, you are lovely and I love you.

kissman91 Don’t be shy! You are a fabulous author - don’t let anyone tell you differently.

logpoes Like I said: fine line and I felt I had crossed it - I think I might need a looooong vacation, preferably somewhere sunny

chelsie-carson <3 You are a love

nimblewordplay Yes lady! Get cracking! ;) But I am glad you don’t think I am a creepy ass stalker.

Today: drabble #7 - it’s almost revised and ready to go.

logpoes said: Crispiaaan! :-D

Dude, I’m cryiiiiiing - dafuq is this sorcery?


Neverwas Haul, A Steampunk Victorian-Era House On Wheels

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NOMAD by Ian Lorne Kent

A sustainable micro home that costs less than $30,000.



Dream house.

  1. inordertolivelife said: Woot! :)
  2. owlsiehoot said: YES!!! This is good. Oh so happy for you. Well done!
  3. frakcancer said: That was quick!
  4. logpoes said: Woohoo!

Whoooohoooooop! Yes, they were superquick, the problem a common one and easily fixed. Plus he put the yard back to rights! Calling worked so much better than the webform in the end and they were supercorrect, helpful and kind. 

  1. owlsiehoot said: What?? 2 days??? Idiots! They are required to come immediately!!!
  2. logpoes said: Oh dude, that fucking sucks! :-( They’re not willing to treat this as a semi-spoedje, with the weekend coming up and all?
  3. chelsiefan71 said: Ooh. Sorry to hear that!
  4. frakcancer said: Dislike! Dislike!
  5. fantasy-fallacy-tumblingstone said: Oy vey. I feel your pain.

Thank you all, you are sweet!

owlsiehoot HAHAHAHA No. They will get to my notification within two days. They will not ‘plan us in’ until after that. Hey-ho.

logpoes Ik gooi er straks nog maar een (huilie) belletje achteraan. Dit kan namelijk niet, straks heb ik hier een koi pond waar ik niet om gevraagd heb.



Amazing Face-Paintings Transform Models Into The 2D Works Of Famous Artists

by  Valeriya Kutsan

A survey! For actual trufax science!


Since retumblring yourself apparently doesn’t work, I’m reposting this for the people in different timezones. :-)

Dear Tumblr-peeps,

As you might know, I am a student of English Language and Culture. As part of one of my linguistics classes, I have to do research, so I made a survey!

I am looking for 20 people (all genders, all ages) 10 with Dutch as their first (/native/L1) language, 10 with English as their first language.The survey contains 64 - 67 questions (depending on your first language).

This seems like a lot, but The Big Kahuna (= my mom) managed to get trough them in 6 minutes, which means that it will take other people between 12 - 15 minutes, because TBK does everything twice as fast as, well, everybody else in the world.

If you’re now going “AWESOME! I LOOOVE SURVEYS!” or “Sure, I’ll do it, so that you’ll finally finish your studies and stop being such a curmudgeon bitter bitch”, you can get to the survey by clicking here:

To the survey!

My mattie is awesome so please fill out this survey if you can!