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Where does one get it? It’s absolutely beautiful!

Petit Bateau - a French baby/children’s clothing brand. :)

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Can I be self-important too? Here goes: Sophie wrote to Phyllis and got me a signed photograph of her!!

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Oh honey, I’m so sorry :( Why is it always the family that manages to get us down? :/ I’m sending lots of love (and tea) your way!

Probably because they are closest, know exactly which buttons to push and because there is a loyalty that makes you forgive them. Or at least: I always forgive her. Have done for over 25 years and I have no doubt I will until I or she dies.

The love and tea are so very much appreciated - thank you. *hugs*

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I may or may not have cried out of sheer joy upon seeing this.

It’s a really rough draft - There is more to come. It has become my pet project.

For all you (analog) photographers out there:

You can download the camera from Kelly’s site and there are full video instructions you can follow.

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Oh gosh, those were the days… Or when you’d dye your hair green, or paint your lips black and go to school like that… Sigh. I’ve grown old. :/

Will be dying my hair purple in the last week of the summer holidays and getting my nose piercing re-done (probably). There was no need for me to loose myself so completely, i am claiming myself back!

And getting a work outfit - yes, I mean one like stereotypical naughty librarians wear.

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I’m missing! Why am I missing?! :(((((

You have a PM, sweetheart!

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Poor darling! Are you feeling better now? Or should I come over with mint tea?

I am not feeling at all well, but at least I am no longer puking, which is progress. Thank you for asking, you are a love.