They write letters, speak to their families and tension is growing. Especially John is suffering. Find it here

excerpt: "Since you went to that ball last month, you’ve been preoccupied.” Beryl says with her usual diplomacy.

“Have I? I hadn’t noticed.” He replies, but he knows he has been. His mind is constantly on Elsie, on her letters, the memory of her in her beautiful light coloured ballgown. He can see her lifting her teacup to her lips, he can hear her voice as she asked him about his life. Her bold handwriting stands out from the other letters he receives daily.

A request from Batwings! She asked for a glimpse of Lady Violet’s relationship with Mr Carson. 

I tried really hard to keep the Chelsie out of this, but I failed miserable. I still hope you’ll like it!



I don’t like how having been victim of hate once makes me question every post I make. I wanted to post something about the lack of character-backstory for Lady Violet, but I didn’t, because people will think I am attacking Maggie Smith (which I am really not).

[insert sadface here]

As Lady Violet’s RPer in this particular group, I would like to say that a discussion like this is long overdue!!

It’s been very difficult to portray a woman who supposedly was at the height of the society swing back in her day and yet the best we can tell is that she MIGHT have had an affair, or at the very least a serious flirtation, with the elder Lord Hepworth…and yet…we don’t even know the Christian name of her dead husband! You know the one, the guy who set up that crazy entail!!

So whaddya’ll think about the lack of backstory for the sassy and acerbic Lady Violet Crawley??

What I think?

I think that Maggie Smith is doing a hell of a job playing someone we know next to nothing about. She gives the lady character and depth that is nowhere to be found in the writing. All we know is that she was the former Lady Grantham, Countess bla-bla-bla, that she mothered two children, one she married off to a wealthy American heiress and one who married money but not standing. She knows Lord Hepworth’s father, because he pursued her in the 1860’s.

We don’t know her late husband’s name, though he is at the root of their problems with the heritage, we don’t even know how the lady spends her days!

She shows a deep care for her granddaughters, she is spikey and spicy and awesome, but we know so little about her: who is she? How did she end up the ruler of Downton? Whose daughter is she and how did she meet Lord Grantham (I mean the dead one, I think we know how she met the current Lord Grantham).




Downton RP comment

I think it is time Downton got rid of that fraternization clause!

(i don’t know if it is possible, I mean, I didn’t even know this kind of thing existed until CCB explained…)

Lady Violet’s loudness suggests she is in the Carsons’ corner. Which warms my heart.

Michael Caine

Wondering how it would be if Michael Caine played Lady Violet’s love interest. A cheeky, handsome devil.

Wonder if he can do a posh accent if asked of him.


Managing not to, but fairy godmother?

You are some kind of fabulous. Thank you for your gift.

I am obviously no Julian Fellowes, I found it incredibly hard to grasp Violet. Anyway: it’s up! Hope you’ll R&R.



Where are Lady Violet and Theodore?
I am so miserable, i can’t even begin to describe it, but with the pair of them and Charles and Elsie trying to find a quiet place to snog, i think i may just survive.

Unfortunately, Violet and Theo are so busy schmoozing everyone and collecting…

Thank you. I understand people have actual lives and work to do when they are at their jobs, i just needed a bit of a whinge.

I am very thankful for Theo’s hug - my grandfather passed away five years ago and i still miss his hugs. Very, very much. (okay, crying in the library… best keep that stiff upper lip in place!) So, a toast to Theo! 

You know what would be great?

If someone came to court Lady Violet in Downton Abbey series 3. I am not even remotely kidding: it would be so fantastic! I would even consider Michael Gambon for the job, though i wouldn’t say ‘no’ to Peter O’Toole.

Who’s with me?