Downton RP comment

Menopause is *not* my problem, trust me.”

Oh Isobel… are you in for a bit of a shock or what…

Downton RP comment

 It suddenly hit me that Isobel doesn’t know yet. How is Elsie going to break the news she is having a baby?!

That is going to be so great to follow - I can’t wait.

Downton RP comment

Ahw, Isobel - you are a sweetie!

“He breaks your heart, I’ll make sure that parts of his body are shipped to different places in the world.”

Isobel Crawley - Downton Hotel RP

Izzy is the awesomest friend you could ever have.


At least Isobel is feeding Elsie well! Coconut Chicken.



I love it when we get to see Isobel’s softer side.


See? It was stress.

And the delicious food she had with Isobel at her birthday. 

Nerves. They get you every time.

“Isn’t both an option?”

Isobel Crawley - Downton Hotel RP

- Oh, Isobel, lets all hope so. And have you seen what your cousin is up to? I’d say she is a prime example…


I don’t think Isobel is getting old. I think a certain mustache is distracting her.