Written myself into a corner. 

I don’t want them to break up?! I don’t do that kind of angsty stuff - I do fluff and happy smutty stuff! No! I PROTEST!

How can i work on my erotica when an elderly lady sits down next to me?!

(not that i think elderly ladies don’t have smutty thoughts, it is just me feeling awkward…)

Elsie… your ring… she will see it… and Charles is wearing his too…

You are in for it now…

birthday cake

I’ll be turning 31 May 5th and i am thinking about what to bake for work.

I love to bake and i did spectacular Black Forest cupcakes for Easter (besides it being chocolate, there was nothing particularly Easter-y about it, but they were very nice), but now i need something to top that.

Keep in mind we (my coworkers and i) are not very fond of buttercream… i am kind of stumped.

Anyone have any ideas?

In between ordering dresses (from Evans - i love international shipping, i really do), planning my birthday party (31, May 5th - you’re all invited) and trying to pretend i don’t have to work tomorrow (so far, limited success), i gobbled up the best tiramisu i have had in my life.

We often order Italian on Tuesday and yesterday we got some dessert, which we normally don’t and it was so good, i even forgot to take a picture of it and now i am kind of sad about that, but so glad i ate the whole thing :)

I am a bit worried i won’t be able to order anything there without ordering the tiramisu… because i don’t handle dairy very well… 

First world problem?



Yesterday everyone was reblogging a fanvid, but because i had a migraine to end all migraines, i forgot to heart and now i can’t find it. If anyone still has a link, i’d be very thankful if you’d re-reblog/share/message!

Anyone here know the name of Sir Anthony Strallan’s house?