Downton Abbey - AU

Elsie Hughes receives a phonecall from her sister Anne who still lives in Scotland. They haven’t seen each other for 20 years and never had a close relationship. Anne never forgave her older sister for leaving her behind at the farm. She was always jealous of the older sister, the successful housekeeper. Elsie Hughes on the other hand sometimes regretted that she had decided to have a career in service instead of a husband and children. When the sisters meet for the first time after so many years it feels as if two worlds collide, two completely different personalities and lives meet each other. Will they finally become friends?










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…Said every Chelsie shipper after the beach scene.

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My creys.

  • Mrs. Hughes: In many ways, I wanted to accept. But I'm not that farm girl any more. I was flattered, of course, but... I've changed, Mr. Carson.
  • Mr. Carson: Life's altered you, as it's altered me. And what would be the point of living if we didn't let life change us?


"…I’ll bet there’s a slightly different position you’d like me to take in your lap when we are alone.”

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I don’t really mind.


I can’t believe Elsie lets go of the ‘make you a mother’ comment and they are back at the whole marriage thing. 
Should they stop talking about it?
But they should now, they have had such a lovely time in bed and are still there and it was all going so well and Charles might not be as scared now and and and… I have a lot of feels.

I’m off for a bit

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Will be back tonight (i bet you’re all shocked!) and hope to find out how Theo feels, waking up next to Violet with a sore head. If Charles and Elsie will get arrested by the airport police upon arrival. If Isobel and Elsie will attempt to have some actual fun and 

lots of pics and gifs of the Queen.

BTW - don’t you all love that today you can just say ‘the Queen’ and nobody will wonder who/which one you mean? It’s epic. So cool.