But does it involve marshmallows?

Only if my kids are cylons. Which might explain quite a bit…

2 days 17 hours. That’s a long wait for some geriatric shipping… (yes I know they are only in their seventies) (but it’s not middle aged shipping) (I need more terms) (enter yours in the text balloon below)


Mary McDonnell Up-Close - “She’s Wonder Woman!”

If that isn’t a love declaration from her colleagues and family then I don’t know what…

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Mary McDonnell beating up a bloke who is trying to grope her with a baton - now, that made my morning.

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Sherlock and the Queen looking at his booty

Scowering the interwebz to find the footage for that awesome Sherlock gifset, where the queen rushes to the balustrade.

My life.


Two Pink Floyd documentaries on BBC4

There are two Pink Floyd documentaries about Pink Floyd (could be concerts!) on BBC4 tonight, GMT+1 22:00.

This is just FYI. And to let you know i will be fangirling tomorrow - i was going to be Mrs David Gilmour for the longest time you see

Calling all tweeters!

I have updated my twitter account (unfollowed people who were getting up my nose, changed my name, etc) and i am now using the account for fangirling and shouting at the world.

Any suggestions who i should follow, re: Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock etc?

Lady Violet and Theo kissed!
In the limo and by the door! Oh, it was lovely… Just lovely. Good thing i am still in bed, i almost fainted with fangirl feels.

She said she still loves him. She said it to him. Don’t give up Theo, don’t give in, milady.

You’re better together.