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You know this chapter is going to be smutty! In fact, my beta - the always lovely deeedeeedeeedeee - says I’d better warn you that this is rather racy and your pants may explode.

excerpt: “You should send your sister a postcard,” he suggests and Elsie laughs.

“You don’t think that would be a bit petty?’ She asks.

“If we’d gone to York or to Dundee or Paris or Timbuktu, wouldn’t you have sent her a postcard?”


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excerpt: Time goes by and Charles had been confronted with having to explain to Lady Mary that Bonnie would not be joining her and her sisters in the nursery. She hadn’t quite understood, but she accepted it with a brilliant smile and the announcement that she didn’t mind too much because she and Edith were getting a governess and she wouldn’t have had time to play with Bonnie anyway. Charles had nodded seriously.

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excerpt: The nurse is settling Lady Sybil for her afternoon nap and Lady Mary is sitting by her small table, a child’s tea-set laid out. She sits up so straight, he sees the Dowager Countess in her: all strong will and duty. Six years old she is and if there are to be no more siblings for her — in particular a brother, a big responsibility will be placed on her shoulders.

Our beloved OTP wakes up the morning after the night before

excerpt: “Are you alright?” she asks, scrambling up and putting her hand over his. Something clicks in her shoulder, and she rubs her neck with her free hand to chase away a stiffness that has settled there.

“I could ask you the same,” he responds with a warm smile and Elsie blushes.

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Modern coffeeshop-ish AU in which Mr Carson doesn’t approve of anything

excerpt: They stand in line and he lets his eyes run over the options on the menu hanging over the counter. The noise of people and machinery is making him irritable.

“A tall, nonfat, soy, green tea latte, for Gudrun please.”

“A grande, quad, nonfat, one pump, no whip, mocha. My name’s Tarquin.”

He cannot imagine for the life of him what the hell people will receive when they place an order like this. He remembers vividly a latte was outlandish. Poncy, even.

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excerpt: His bare skin - warm and soft and slightly damp from the hot night - is under the palm of her hand and she presses her fingers down, gripping his flesh. He is a man of substance: a strong, broad man.

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excerptShe coughs and he softly pats her back.

“Are you alright, Mrs Hughes?” he asks and it’s immensely steadying how he uses her own name. Not that they often call each other by any name at all, but still.

“Yes. Yes, of course.” She looks up and finds he is looking a bit shy as well. She had not thought how he must feel about what happened.

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excerpt: They had seen in the new year with Beryl by their side, fussing over Elsie and Bonnie, handing them lovely little treats (all leftover or held back from the upstairs party) and offering them a drink (she had given Elsie a glass of deep dark stout and Elsie had laughed through her tiredness, had drunk it dutifully).

“How are my girls?” He asks then, softly, not wanting to startle them.

Sometimes I get distracted from my current WIP and I start a new multichapter fic.

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Synopsis: The yearly cricket match is being played on a beautiful English summer’s day and the status quo is suddenly completely overthrown.

excerpt: The whistle blows. The game is over. She watches him shake hands with several players and smiles when she finally catches his eye. She inclines her head - a question: are you alright? - he nods with a warm smile - I’m fine, not to worry. He makes his way to the tent, takes a cup of tea from Daisy and a custard tart and sits down heavily on the bench in the shade of the big oak tree. She wants to join him, starts to walk but is distracted by the questions and gossip from the ladies she’s not yet spoken to during the game and interval.

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