The next installment of Illegitimate

excerpt: "Sometimes we just want to let you know we appreciate you."

"You often let me know you do…" His eyes are closed and Elsie has to bite her lip not to burst out in laughter. He obviously didn’t mean anything by his words, but she thinks of the times she tells him ‘you are wonderful’ when they are curled up together in one of their small beds.

The chelsie-anon left me a lovely prompt (honestly, some of them are little fics in themselves!) and I came up with this (also posted on tumblr, on my main profile, I’ve been asked to upload it to FFN by prior-incantatem ).

excerpt: Beryl is softly humming a tune while wiping down the counters of her already pristine kitchen. A dish with a few pastries stands next to a mug of steaming tea on the table that dominates the space. The silence besides the song and the sound of the rag being swept over the wooden surfaces is almost deafening.

More memories, happy and sad and a bit of fluff. Because we deserve it.

excerpt: Another happy picture of Minerva with a couple of kittens. A photograph without either of them in, just spring flowers and blue skies. A picture of her mother in a sombre robe, but a smile curling her lips. A Muggle picture of Minerva’s parents, looking unsmilingly into the lens of the camera. 


chelsie-anon asked:

Elsie watches out the backdoor as the last of the hallboys trots up the drive towards the village. She’s been sending her “chicks” home for Mothering Sunday for twenty years, she should be used to it by now. That feeling of emptiness, empty house, empty table, empty heart. Nothing to be done about it at this stage of life. Taking a deep breath & pulling her shawl tighter against the cold March wind blowing through the courtyard, she turns & closes the door firmly behind her. What happens next?


It wasn’t easy to write a story about this one, because basically all has been said by the other entries! (they were all fabulous, you guys!) But I tried anyway. Elsie and Beryl - BFFs yo. More under the cut.

So… Is Beatrice Matthews who she thinks she is? 

excerpt: “Not all who worked the halls were bounders and cads, Miss Matthews. Some of us were doing their utmost to be honourable. In fact I had an understanding with Alice Neal, the other woman in your photograph.”

There’s pain in his voice. Shame.

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Someone was at the door, but she is inside now…

excerpt: He is looking older, but she had predicted that. Bea understands a man doesn’t remain thirty for thirty years, but it is confronting nonetheless. His hair is slicked back, not a curl or wave in sight and he is wearing the uniform of a senior domestic servant: a starched shirt, tails and shoes that don’t squeak even though they look new.


Thank you everyone who took the time to review and to those who tried to ease my mind/worries. I really appreciate it. It is very different to write for your old ship - but I am keeping on trying, guys! Please leave me word on how you think I’m doing.

excerpt: They are looking out on a green field. She recognises her uncle Robert, Alastor Moody, other friends of her parents and then there is her father. He is radiating power, his wand in front of him, deflecting simple spells with focused ease. The hexes get more complex, there is anger coming off him. Her father almost falls out of sight as she stands eye in eye with a young man, freshly shaven, not much older than Rhiannon. He mouths and she sees her mother’s hand and wand slashing the air. She hears the sound of curses, jinxes and hexes. The duel is intense.

To the death.

Discoveries are made and celebrations are underway.

excerpt: “Give me your waistcoat.” She says before he gets too comfortable. He looks at her oddly. “Oh come now, my love. I am not asking you anything inappropriate. You have lost a button once again and I will endeavor to put another one on. Not have my wicked way with you.”


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The staff has been decimated, standards are dropping and Charles Carson is getting close to celebrating his thirtieth year in service of the Granthams. When a person from his past pops up uninvited at his party, Elsie Hughes investigates and finds out more about Charles Carson’s past. Together Charles and Elsie walk into an unimagined future. AU. Includes OC.

excerptSecrets fall into Elsie’s lap. Of course sometimes she has to shake the tree a bit, go through wastepaper baskets or perhaps listen at a grate or two, but she will always find out what’s being kept from her.

She walks over to Charles quietly and puts her hand softly on his shoulder.

“Are you alright?” She asks and he nods stiffly. She kisses his hair, breathing in the smell of his pommade and something besides.