Today it’s ‘just’ an angsty oneshot - but one I’d love to hear your opinions about, so don’t hesitate. 

excerpt: She’s taken a bath — a rather hot one — in hopes to chase away the cold that lingers within her, but it’s not helped. The two blankets she has wrapped herself in only manage to make her feel locked away, imprisoned. The cold comes from loneliness, she thinks, and from fear. Nothing will make her feel warm. Not tonight, not any other day. She wrestles herself free from the cotton sheet and wool that cover her and she lies on her back, her breath hitching in her throat, her hand on her breast. She can only feel it when she presses harder.

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It’s epilogue time! You all know what that means: happy endings are just around the corner. Prepare for some T-rated fluff. Enjoy!

excerpt: His sudden words knock all the sense from her — she does not answer him. She watches him leave (she thinks there might be a spring in his step that wasn’t there before, a lightness about him because of what he’s just said, and her heart is pounding hard) and she catches his smile when he looks over his shoulder.

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Elsie is improving rapidly. Must be the love of a good man…

excerpt: Though she is gaining strength quickly, Mr Carson keeps bringing her breakfast in bed; this morning is no different. Elsie can hear him humming on the landing and anticipates his knock; she clambers up a bit so she can sit up in bed. The door swings open far enough to let him through and he doesn’t close it (always so appropriate, never leaving anything to chance).

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Warning: This chapter will have talk of Anna’s attack. There are no details, but I want you to at least be aware. I have used (among others) these two blogs/articles/comment sections to base the paragraph on: and (I think these might be helpful for this particular situation)


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This picture is not your birthday present. This picture is an accessory to your birthday present.
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Happy birthday, kissman91

From kouw and me.  

This picture is not your birthday present. This picture is an accessory to your birthday present.

Here’s your birthday present:

Darling kissman91 I really hope you’ve enjoyed our little NSFW splurge and that you’ve had a good birthday!


A fire breaks out in the Abbey and Charles Carson faces his worst nightmare.

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There is a minor spoiler warning for season 5 but again, we really know nothing.

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Oh dear… as Anna is starting to feel better, Elsie is very much not - it’s a good thing Grantham House is stocked with a caring staff. Yes, I know you can all take that hint easily…

excerpt: She is shivering. She is so cold and scared and lonely. Something is terribly wrong. Her skin itches; her joints ache furiously. Even her teeth hurt - if such a thing were possible. She is in Mrs Bute’s room in Grantham House; that much she knows, but she can’t be sure if it’s day or night or when the last time was when she had anything to drink.

She is so thirsty.

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After all the gentleness, it is time for a tiny bit of drama, I think. I hope you’ll enjoy!

excerpt: “Mrs Hughes? If you have a moment?”

Mr Bates is standing in the doorway, his hand grasping his cane tightly, the knuckles white.

“Of course, Mr Bates,” she stands up from her chair, puts down her pencil. She has been working on the linen rota. Mrs Bute used a different system and it’s taking some energy to get acquainted with it after having used her own for so many years. It’s tiring her out more than she cares for.

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Hospital scenes. Domestic scenes. Sudden realisations…

excerpt: “Everyone sends their love, Anna. They are all worried about you. Lady Grantham has given me some magazines for you and Daisy bought you some sweets.”

She puts everything on the night stand.

“That is very sweet of Daisy,” Anna eyes the small paper bag. “My mouth feels so strange and I keep tasting something bitter. I’ll be glad for something sweet.”

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Elsie does some prime mothering as Anna is still in hospital.

excerpt: “I’m glad to see you. Mr Bates was here late last night and Mrs Bates wasn’t reacting much to his presence, but she has perked up remarkably during the night. She doesn’t seem to be in too much pain, but she is… frail. And she keeps throwing up, it’s very worrying. So if you can, every cup of tea you can get her to drink would be a great help.”

Elsie looks at the nurse. She is a pretty lass, but there are dark circles under her eyes, her hair is mussed under her cap. It’s clear to her the hospital is grossly understaffed.

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Scarlet fever and ups and downs and revelations…

excerpt: “Do you think she’ll be alright?” he asks as he helps her into her coat.

“I don’t know, Mr Carson.” It’s hard to admit it.

“She always looks so delicate, but she is very strong. That counts for something, doesn’t it?” Like her, he doesn’t seem to want to admit that anything could go wrong, that the situation is grave.

“We must warn Mr Bates,” she says and stares blankly ahead. She is glad to have Mr Carson with her. She isn’t sure she would be able to find Grantham House from the hospital.

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