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excerpt: The music is loud, the crowd is enthusiastic. Elsie has seen the band play before, but they are in great form tonight and there isn’t as much tension as there was in the Eighties. After the applause it’s Stevie Nicks’s time, who fulfills every promise of mystical songstress. The crowd is silent; ‘Landslide’ is a delicate song compared to ‘Big Love’ and Elsie feels something buzz against her thigh.

Her phone.

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WARNING! Serious sentimentality/fluff ahead!

They have left their guests, it is time for the wedding night. Well… perhaps not quite wedding night as much as…

excerpt: “Everything is conspiring against us.”

Her head is buzzing from copious amounts of prosecco, her is belly full with the beautiful tapas and wedding cake. Her heart is full of love for this big, beautiful man under her.




She can actually feel him fall asleep. He must have been as nervous as she was and he did not have the cheerful company of close friends to help him through the night (or a friend who wordlessly hands you half a Xanax).


“I love you,” she says softly and kisses his cheek.

“Hmmm… you too…” he mumbles.

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They have said their ‘I do’s’, they have had their little moment: it is time for being congratulated, cutting the cake and some dancing!

excerpt: Charles and Elsie are being congratulated, hugged and kissed. Hands are shaken, more cocktails poured. Elsie drinks Prosecco, Charles has a tumbler of Scotch. They are holding hands when they can; in the background is the murmur of their friends and family chatting. Elsie is taking in the decor of the room - the lit candles, pine cones, branches of evergreens. The crisp white linen, the birch tree coasters: everything is exactly how she’d hoped it would be and it all contributes to an almost fairytale-like atmosphere.

“Come on, love, Beryl is going to blow her top if we don’t get to the cake now!” Charles wakes her from her reverie.

“I think you just want cake.” She puts her drink on the table and lets Charles take her hand. They walk over to the sideboard where a rather large cake is waiting for them.

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“Mrs. Hughes?” He found her standing in the darkness, staring out as the rain lashed against the library windows. He worried, she had been winding herself tighter and tighter over the past week or so, ever since that first visit from Sergeant Willis. Stepping up behind her, careful to keep his voice low and calm, “I’m on your side…” His hand hovered near her shoulder, almost afraid to touch her for fear she would shatter into a thousand pieces at his feet. What happens next?


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excerpt: "You look lovely," Beryl says. Her voice is shrill with emotion and she swats Daisy’s hands away from Elsie’s small bouquet of white roses, soft pink peonies, white anemones and pinecones.

"Thank you for your help, all of you," Elsie says. She is nervous, the same way she got when she was about to go on air for the very first time (when she worked on a ship, a million lightyears ago). She checks herself in the mirror one last time. Beryl, Anna and Daisy had joined her on a mad dash for the perfect dress and she is very happy with what they’ve come up with. The long white skirt with train, the oatmeal-coloured wrap-around cardigan will be accompanied by an off-white scarf and gloves.

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excerpt: She pulls out her smartphone, pulls up the app with to-do lists and together with the three others, she goes through them quickly, checking the size of the ballroom and the options of having tables set up there, the fire department’s guidelines, her guestlist and she scans the room to see where they can have the music set up. While she is being perfectly practical now, Elsie can really see her wedding taking place here and it is somewhat overwhelming. She worries her lip and wishes Charles were there with her.

“Everything will be alright, you’ll see,” Anna says quietly and points at Beryl and Daisy who are discussing decor and food already.

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If it’s a big chapter, you know what lies ahead… SMUT! Smut and revelations and happiness and all the good things. 

excerpt: But it is Christmas Day and the house smells of delicious food being warmed up, the table is groaning under the weight of cutlery, stemware and platters of appetizers. The radio plays in the background (“Fairytale of New York” - her favourite Christmas song), conversation flows freely, easily.

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Things are moving steadily along for Charles and Elsie - it’s 2014: no need to move at a glacial pace!

excerpt:Everything is easy, happy. Comfortable and exciting at the same time. It is lovely to discover that he doesn’t like porridge in the morning, but enjoys his toast so dark it’s almost burnt. It’s lovely to watch him wash his hair, iron his shirts, read the newspaper in the afternoon.

She loves cozying up to Charles on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea, or to watch television with glasses of wine and a platter of cheese.

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Big steps, friendship, prosecco. Enjoy!

excerpt: They are in his bed, the rain is tapping against the windows. It’s Saturday morning and they have no plans. She is curled up against Charles, her head on his shoulder, his arm around her. He plants kisses in her hair and softly strokes the inside of her elbow.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks, always so perceptive (except when it came to their shared longing for each other).

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Good heavens, the goobers are SO happy. So, a little domestic scene with a bit of smut seemed to be in order. And a little bit of a chat between Elsie and Anna. Hope you’ll enjoy!

excerpt: “So how are things going between you and Mr Carson?”

Elsie delights in the mischievous twinkle in Anna’s eyes. Though things may never be the same again, they are still the same people - underneath it all.

“Really, you must try and call him ‘Charles’,” Elsie deflects, thinking of how Mr Charles Carson’s lips and tongue were at a very intimate part of her anatomy not an hour ago.

“That well, huh?” Anna slurps from her novelty coffee (noisily, with glee and childlike satisfaction).

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