If it’s a big chapter, you know what lies ahead… SMUT! Smut and revelations and happiness and all the good things. 

excerpt: But it is Christmas Day and the house smells of delicious food being warmed up, the table is groaning under the weight of cutlery, stemware and platters of appetizers. The radio plays in the background (“Fairytale of New York” - her favourite Christmas song), conversation flows freely, easily.

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Things are moving steadily along for Charles and Elsie - it’s 2014: no need to move at a glacial pace!

excerpt:Everything is easy, happy. Comfortable and exciting at the same time. It is lovely to discover that he doesn’t like porridge in the morning, but enjoys his toast so dark it’s almost burnt. It’s lovely to watch him wash his hair, iron his shirts, read the newspaper in the afternoon.

She loves cozying up to Charles on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea, or to watch television with glasses of wine and a platter of cheese.

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Big steps, friendship, prosecco. Enjoy!

excerpt: They are in his bed, the rain is tapping against the windows. It’s Saturday morning and they have no plans. She is curled up against Charles, her head on his shoulder, his arm around her. He plants kisses in her hair and softly strokes the inside of her elbow.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks, always so perceptive (except when it came to their shared longing for each other).

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Good heavens, the goobers are SO happy. So, a little domestic scene with a bit of smut seemed to be in order. And a little bit of a chat between Elsie and Anna. Hope you’ll enjoy!

excerpt: “So how are things going between you and Mr Carson?”

Elsie delights in the mischievous twinkle in Anna’s eyes. Though things may never be the same again, they are still the same people - underneath it all.

“Really, you must try and call him ‘Charles’,” Elsie deflects, thinking of how Mr Charles Carson’s lips and tongue were at a very intimate part of her anatomy not an hour ago.

“That well, huh?” Anna slurps from her novelty coffee (noisily, with glee and childlike satisfaction).

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 Elsie’s daring gamble paid off and we’ve left our beautiful pair snogging in his desk chair. Unfortunately, they cannot stay there forever…

excerpt: Why had she offered to do a simulation with Daisy? The thought keeps running through her mind. After the broadcast (after their rather heated snog, more like), she’d had to run and she had seen the look on Charles’s face.  Uncomprehending, almost hurt and now she sits here, in a vacant booth, watching Daisy adjusting the mic and listening to questions Daisy answers herself, in this quick-talking, high-pitched, unnerving way. After she sets Daisy a small assignment, she goes over the meagre contents of her fridge in her mind.

He will come over, won’t he?

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With their hashtag trending and the awkwardness between them an all-time high, it is time to press on and make some tough choices.

excerpt: On Monday morning she had slid into her booth, he had settled behind his desk and they had pretended everything was alright, that there was nothing out of the ordinary, even though emails kept coming in, letters arrived and their hashtag kept trending. Elsie kept looking at Charles from behind her computer and she thought how much she loved him.

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Getting a corset out in the name of art.

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excerpt: She looks at the big bear of a man and the way he frowns at the stack of letters on his desk. Elsie doesn’t need much imagination to know what they are about. He’s looked at her pretty funny when she came in to bring him his mid-show cuppa and he keeps looking at her, which is making her very uncomfortable indeed. There are only two things she can do, she’s decided. One: pretend nothing’s happened; or two: press on.

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excerpt: “… as most of you know, a Zappa fan set fire to the Montreux casino — the festival’s venue — and things were decidedly frantic and frightening. The incident inspired one of Deep Purple’s greatest hits: Smoke on the water.”

Elsie is leafing through a magazine, not paying much attention to the man on the other side of the glass. She has her cup of tea, biscuits Beryl Patmore had left in the break room. She doesn’t care for Deep Purple much. It’s Friday and she’s not slept well.

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excerpt: On the other side of the glass is Mr Charles Carson, the star of his own show: a mid-morning staple for the Yorkshire forty-five to seventy demographic - the age group with the most expendable income and it shows in their ratings and the ad breaks for luxury cruises, life insurance policies and the RAC.

He sits at an old-fashioned wooden desk, facing her, but he is always fiddling with his record player, laptop and mic and she knows he has a thick block note filled with hundreds of little facts he collects and shares with his listeners. Sometimes he reuses his factoids, knowing there are few people who have the memory of an elephant (like Elsie has) and she always smiles when he gets enthusiastic about a personal favourite.

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