Elsie Hughes everyone! // Downton Abbey 05x05


things i look for in female characters:

  • hella strong eyebrow game
  • looks like they could probably kill me
  • i both love and fear them
  • i want to be them
  • i want to be on them

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The worst about service

One of the most terrible things about being in service is that there is always this professional boundary - only to be crossed in the gravest of circumstances. Elsie Hughes doesn’t get to pull her charges to her breast, she is never gathered into a hug herself.
She must be so weary.

rambling thoughts about Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes

I’ve seen the episode twice now and I am having a lot of thoughts about my OTP and what is happening to them.

It is very difficult to put all into words, especially because others already have - and better - but I am going to try anyway, starting with Elsie Hughes.

“That the Dowager Countess has never formed some kind of international espionage duo with Mrs Hughes is a lastingly tragic waste of their expertise.”