30 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 1: Favourite female character

❤︎ Mrs Elsie Hughes

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Some more CarsonxHughes photos from the Bampton shooting.

(Sorry if they are repeats)

Yay!!!! I’m getting crazy excited for series 5!!! I need some pics of our loves together :) xoxo

Why does Mrs Patmore have a cane??

I think it’s an umbrella…maybe?

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I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments about Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes in this article …

Carson and Mrs Hughes

The 2013 Christmas Special ended in the best way possible with this delightful pair of old retainers taking tentative steps together into the surf and possibly into a new future together.

This storyline had better not have been shelved, we have to see Carson and Mrs Hughes awkwardly working out a relationship and finding shared happiness – you owe us this Downton, you owe us.