Mrs Hughes is the one for a secret…

#1: Mrs Hughes hears EVERYTHING. She doesn’t even mean to.
Sweet Mrs Hughes. (also BEAUTIFUL Mrs Hughes.)
Love the glorious fire-brigade helmets.
THAT BLANKET. Is that the blanket on her BED?  Gods, I hope we get to see the inside of Mrs Hughes’s bedroom this season.

I know!!! And I hope it’s because she and Carson are underneath that blanket!

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Raise your hand if Mrs. Hughes has a secret love child somewhere

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"Scott: She’s the one who keeps looking at her watch and tries to ensure that the house is all respectable and well-oiled. A bit annoying, but she dies and everyone misses her.

Robin: The guy who was wearing a suit before, who looked like he wasn’t used to wearing a suit and is a really nice guy [Tom]? That’s her illegitimate child. He doesn’t know, but she knows, and she’s got a job in this house to watch over him. And then one day, it will be revealed.

Richard: Maybe that’s [Bates’] sister, actually. She’s taken on the duties after he went to prison.

Tom: That’s the housekeeper. She also knows all of their secrets. Unlike [Carson], she may disapprove of them somewhat, but she’s more concerned about their lives, tries to keep the peace. She quietly works behind the scenes to try to smooth over all the drama whilst struggling with her own internal dilemmas about being a lesbian.”

- “Downton Abbey” As Explained By Londoners Who Have Never Seen It

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What if Elsie Hughes had an instagram account?

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Carson and Mrs. Hughes According to Jim Carter




Jim on the relationship between Carson and Mrs. Hughes: ” We’re not love’s young dream. We proceed in a stately manner towards hopefully a happy ending.” - Weekend interview this morning.

In a stately manner? Bring it on.

Dying. No, dead.

'… moves at a glacial pace' <- That'll do me: the slow burn is what makes this ship so fab

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