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The chelsie-anon left me a lovely prompt (honestly, some of them are little fics in themselves!) and I came up with this (also posted on tumblr, on my main profile, I’ve been asked to upload it to FFN by prior-incantatem ).

excerpt: Beryl is softly humming a tune while wiping down the counters of her already pristine kitchen. A dish with a few pastries stands next to a mug of steaming tea on the table that dominates the space. The silence besides the song and the sound of the rag being swept over the wooden surfaces is almost deafening.

Elsie watches out the backdoor as the last of the hallboys trots up the drive towards the village. She’s been sending her “chicks” home for Mothering Sunday for twenty years, she should be used to it by now. That feeling of emptiness, empty house, empty table, empty heart. Nothing to be done about it at this stage of life. Taking a deep breath & pulling her shawl tighter against the cold March wind blowing through the courtyard, she turns & closes the door firmly behind her. What happens next?

It wasn’t easy to write a story about this one, because basically all has been said by the other entries! (they were all fabulous, you guys!) But I tried anyway. Elsie and Beryl - BFFs yo. More under the cut.

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Downton Abbey - AU

Elsie Hughes receives a phonecall from her sister Anne who still lives in Scotland. They haven’t seen each other for 20 years and never had a close relationship. Anne never forgave her older sister for leaving her behind at the farm. She was always jealous of the older sister, the successful housekeeper. Elsie Hughes on the other hand sometimes regretted that she had decided to have a career in service instead of a husband and children. When the sisters meet for the first time after so many years it feels as if two worlds collide, two completely different personalities and lives meet each other. Will they finally become friends?

Can we talk about how much I want Julie Graham to play Elsie Hughes sister in Downton Abbey’s new series?

(I’ve not heard anything about a sister being included in the coming series, it’s just something I want)


They both know that they love the other but they have never talked about it.


Elsie Hughes masterpost - Downton Abbey series 4

One year Chapter 13: hardest thing of all, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction

Another angsty entry - and so early in the day too! Must be DST…

excerptShe often thinks of that year, a year that was filled with hardship, sadness and worry and one she wants to forget but cannot. Not when there always seems to be something to remind her.

Carson’s Women: Elsie and Mary


Just a thought: We know that Mrs. Hughes thinks Mary imperious and spoiled, but that doesn’t necessarily convince me as the only reason why she dislikes Mary. I believe that Mrs. Hughes is jealous of the place Mary holds in Carson’s heart. When Carson was ill with his nervous attack from over work (I believe, that was the time and not the Spanish flu) and Mary visited him in his room, Mrs. Hughes entered with his medicine and tray and seemed ever so slightly shocked and possibly irritated that Mary had intruded on her time with him. It flashed across her face just briefly, almost imperceptibly (to anyone other than Chelsie observers). Other members of the Crawley family act imperious and spoiled (i. e. The Dowager) yet we don’t necessarily hear Elsie’s opinions on them (at all, or ) as strongly. Thoughts?

First thought: Elsie Hughes does have strong opinions about the Dowager - who she unceremoniously calls ‘an old trout’. To say Elsie is jealous of Mary for the place the young woman holds in Charles Carson’s heart is too narrowly put. I doubt she minds that so much. I think she minds that he is without criticism. He would go to Haxby for Mary, to work for a man he cannot respect - which says an awful lot. 
The relationship between Elsie and Mary is very complex, much more than the ones with Sybil and Edith. Mary is strong willed, independent. Quite like Elsie is herself.
Of course this is my personal opinion and in the past three or four years I’ve not been able to channel these thoughts into a comprehensive reply!


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[1/4 friendships] Elsie Hughes & Beryl Patmore.