• 8.07 p.m.: What of Carson and Mrs. Hughes. "We all hope that they get together," Leech says. "But who knows? They might not." Dockery replies.
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Downton Abbey AU - Anna Smith is actually Anna Carson

Anna Smith grew up in an orphanage in York. When she turned 13, she found a job in service and has worked at Downton Abbey since then. Now that she is engaged to valet John Bates, she wants to find out who her parents were. Her quest proves difficult because the official documents are no longer available. A fire destroyed the orphanage a decade ago. But Anna does not give up easily. Slowly she uncovers the truth about her past. Little does she know that her parents were always very close by, have been for years.

For Elsie Hughes and Charles Carson it has been a heavy burden to keep their real identities a secret for more than 30 years. When Anna starts her investigations, they realize that it is about time their daughter learns the truth.

Hello all!

I have reached 15.000 (fifteen thousand) posts on Tumblr! 
I have written an Elsie centric fic, called Bequest to celebrate, because Elsie Hughes / Phyllis Logan brought me to Tumblr in the first place.

I have made so many wonderful friends on here and my blog has become a very big part of my life.

I want to thank deeedeeedeeedeee for beta’ing my fic and downtondownstairs for allowing me to use her artwork.

And all of you: THANK YOU - you have brought so much joy to my life and I couldn’t imagine being without any of you!

In my previous post, we see Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes smile at each other lovingling and my fangirling heart (eyes) finds it difficult to look around it. 


I find that Charles is wearing a very stiffly starched collar, which may or may not be attached. The man I think Carson is, would not be wearing a shirt without a tie, even if he is at ‘leisure’. The white suspenders/braces (I don’t know which one is RP, but suspenders always make me think of stockings and thus would be more Elsie’s department… but that is something else entirely) make me think that Jim Carson was simply still in makeup or already done filming for the day. 

(also, I flipping hate breastpockets, who ever thought it was a good idea, should really rethink his choices) (I like to think Carson would agree with me)