In my previous post, we see Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes smile at each other lovingling and my fangirling heart (eyes) finds it difficult to look around it. 


I find that Charles is wearing a very stiffly starched collar, which may or may not be attached. The man I think Carson is, would not be wearing a shirt without a tie, even if he is at ‘leisure’. The white suspenders/braces (I don’t know which one is RP, but suspenders always make me think of stockings and thus would be more Elsie’s department… but that is something else entirely) make me think that Jim Carson was simply still in makeup or already done filming for the day. 

(also, I flipping hate breastpockets, who ever thought it was a good idea, should really rethink his choices) (I like to think Carson would agree with me)


They both know that they love the other but they have never talked about it.

Charles Carson: adorable faces and reactions


» We’ve been through so much, you and I. «

Carson’s Women: Elsie and Mary


Just a thought: We know that Mrs. Hughes thinks Mary imperious and spoiled, but that doesn’t necessarily convince me as the only reason why she dislikes Mary. I believe that Mrs. Hughes is jealous of the place Mary holds in Carson’s heart. When Carson was ill with his nervous attack from over work (I believe, that was the time and not the Spanish flu) and Mary visited him in his room, Mrs. Hughes entered with his medicine and tray and seemed ever so slightly shocked and possibly irritated that Mary had intruded on her time with him. It flashed across her face just briefly, almost imperceptibly (to anyone other than Chelsie observers). Other members of the Crawley family act imperious and spoiled (i. e. The Dowager) yet we don’t necessarily hear Elsie’s opinions on them (at all, or ) as strongly. Thoughts?

First thought: Elsie Hughes does have strong opinions about the Dowager - who she unceremoniously calls ‘an old trout’. To say Elsie is jealous of Mary for the place the young woman holds in Charles Carson’s heart is too narrowly put. I doubt she minds that so much. I think she minds that he is without criticism. He would go to Haxby for Mary, to work for a man he cannot respect - which says an awful lot. 
The relationship between Elsie and Mary is very complex, much more than the ones with Sybil and Edith. Mary is strong willed, independent. Quite like Elsie is herself.
Of course this is my personal opinion and in the past three or four years I’ve not been able to channel these thoughts into a comprehensive reply!


When the actors who play your OTP ship your OTP, your OTP is canon no matter what the writers/producers/network decide to do.



"Yes, Dear."

And he silently obeys Mrs. Carson because:

1. She’s right.
2. He loves her.


The Carsons revisited, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction

This may be one of the oddest ducks around. 
It’s a fanfic of a fanfic. Hogwarts Duo* has written many amazing stories, amongst which ‘The Carsons’, which is one of my alltime favourite fics. To thank her for the encouragement she has given me the past two years and to repay some of her kindnesses (a fic will never be enough), I have written this monster of a fic (4k+ words!), which consists 3 parts, the first 2 are K, the last is a solid M. I hope you will all enjoy!

excerpt"You were right about the neverending throng of babies." Elsie leans against her husband and plants a kiss on his brow. Since retirement it’s no longer slicked back with pommade. At times there’s this unruly curl - that used to be for her eyes only, late at night, after making love or early in the morning when just waking up - that falls over his forehead. He is still the handsomest of men and she is aware of how lucky she is to have such a happy marriage, such a fulfilling life.

* She has read the fic before I posted it and has given me permission to share - so no worries, she is aware of me doing this!

One year, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction

It’s been a year. Angsty drabble.

(first in series)


Downton Abbey Meme (x)

[1/4 location] The housekeeper’s sitting room.

"I think people are very affectionate towards Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes. And because we have our lovely scenes where we meet up at the end of the day and share a sherry, and we’re the only people downstairs of equal status so we can share confidences, I think people are busily reading romance into that – and the whole thing’s about love stories, isn’t it?”