Carson and Mrs. Hughes According to Jim Carter




Jim on the relationship between Carson and Mrs. Hughes: ” We’re not love’s young dream. We proceed in a stately manner towards hopefully a happy ending.” - Weekend interview this morning.

In a stately manner? Bring it on.

Dying. No, dead.

'… moves at a glacial pace' <- That'll do me: the slow burn is what makes this ship so fab

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This is it. My fiftieth fic. In two-and-a-half years I have thrown 334.532 words on the page (plus deleted a fair few more) and received numerous reviews, PMs, likes and reblogs. I have become part of an ever-changing, welcoming community and have made amazing friends I could not imagine being without.

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excerpt: On the other side of the glass is Mr Charles Carson, the star of his own show: a mid-morning staple for the Yorkshire forty-five to seventy demographic - the age group with the most expendable income and it shows in their ratings and the ad breaks for luxury cruises, life insurance policies and the RAC.

He sits at an old-fashioned wooden desk, facing her, but he is always fiddling with his record player, laptop and mic and she knows he has a thick block note filled with hundreds of little facts he collects and shares with his listeners. Sometimes he reuses his factoids, knowing there are few people who have the memory of an elephant (like Elsie has) and she always smiles when he gets enthusiastic about a personal favourite.

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Luckily one of Mrs Hughes' biggest secrets is the whereabouts of the Mr Carson instruction manual - and she knows how to use it. (x)

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Some more CarsonxHughes photos from the Bampton shooting.

(Sorry if they are repeats)

Yay!!!! I’m getting crazy excited for series 5!!! I need some pics of our loves together :) xoxo

Why does Mrs Patmore have a cane??

I think it’s an umbrella…maybe?

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I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments about Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes in this article …

Carson and Mrs Hughes

The 2013 Christmas Special ended in the best way possible with this delightful pair of old retainers taking tentative steps together into the surf and possibly into a new future together.

This storyline had better not have been shelved, we have to see Carson and Mrs Hughes awkwardly working out a relationship and finding shared happiness – you owe us this Downton, you owe us.


otp meme - 3/5 holding hands scenes

↳ Downton Abbey: Elsie Hughes & Charles Carson

“You can always hold my hand if you need to feel steady.”  


A closer look at Elsie’s hair and the length of her dress … how risque, Elsie Hughes! What will Carson say???

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