Getting ready for the #GBBO with @deepspice9 and L! #battenburg #walnut #cake #partay


kouw, kouwbakes: Saw this and thought of you :D

This is so brilliant! Of course this works fabulously well for cakes that are rolled in fondant, but in Holland, a birthday cake usually comes with whipped cream piped in 8, 10 or 12 circles, to indicate where to slice (triangularly - is that a word?). BUT HE IS SO RIgHT THOUGH! NOTHING WORSE THAN A STALE PIECE OF CAKE!

Charlotte Chocolat - after a lot of frustration, yelling and crying

Donauwellen. Come and get some! #baking #cake


Here kouw. All the cake. Hope it keeps you from thinking about clothes.

(yes! it helps! Might bake a cake instead :D )

Thank you. <3

Happy birthday, Elliegoestodownton!

I got an alert from LJ :D Hope you are having a lovely day!

Great British Bake Off starts tonight


My evening is made.

Weirdest pic of a cake I have ever made, but I my phone is upstairs and if I go and get it, the kiddie will wake up and be right cranky.