We got married yesterday! #proof

  1. monajo7 said: Congratulations and Best Wishes for a lifetime full of happiness and love :) xoxo
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    Congratulations!! Joy and happiness always. :)
  3. crazymaryt said: That is so great. Congrats again.
  4. frakcancer said: Mazal tov!
  5. masasaty said: MAZAL-TOV! :)
  6. owlsiehoot said: Your dress!!! Oooh!! Can’t wait to see some more photos :) ❤ congratulations!
  7. carryonlaughingandpainting said: Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!!
  8. thequietculchie said: Congrats!! A lovely lovely photo! :D
  9. peekaboochelsie said: Congratulations!!!
  10. na-ebudae said: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :’D You look beautiful! ^_^ <3
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