Obsessed much?

Thomas is sobbing and Anna is seeking him out, but who are the two people in the background? 
1 is a footman, I think, but the other is probably a woman - but which one? I don’t think it is Elsie, based on the robe (we know she has a really beautiful red-and-white one), the hair seems to be dark, so is not Mrs Patmore. 
Why is Thomas crying in the first place? We presume it is because of the infamous character death, which is the most logical conclusion, but who are the people Thomas would possibly cry over? Sarah is the only one I can think of, but we don’t know if it is Thomas who is receiving Mrs Hughes’ kindness. And if this is the case, and it is Elsie who dies, I will die a little myself. 

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    ..aren’t they Carson on the left and Alfred on the right…?
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    Is that a robe or a coat? Could it be possible that that could be Isobel? It would make the most sense for Thomas to be...
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    I think one of them is Alfred. He’s the only ginger giant. The other one…mmm…I don’t know. As for the dead person, it...
  4. owlsiehoot said: I am pretty sure that it is Carson in the background with Alfred. I’ve watched this thing in stop motion yesterday :).
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