“Hildegard of Bingen!! You quoted Hildegard of Bingen in your newsletter article!!! I know her!!! We’ve done her music!!!”

the worship/music director

She’s kind of a fangirl, apparently

(via revfrog) And if you do not know who Hildegard von Bingen is, look her the FUCK UP!!! She was pretty fucking amazing. (via gelana78)

I had never heard of her, and now I am on wikipedia and I am falling in fangirl with her…

(via gelana78)

Today it’s ‘just’ an angsty oneshot - but one I’d love to hear your opinions about, so don’t hesitate. 

excerpt: She’s taken a bath — a rather hot one — in hopes to chase away the cold that lingers within her, but it’s not helped. The two blankets she has wrapped herself in only manage to make her feel locked away, imprisoned. The cold comes from loneliness, she thinks, and from fear. Nothing will make her feel warm. Not tonight, not any other day. She wrestles herself free from the cotton sheet and wool that cover her and she lies on her back, her breath hitching in her throat, her hand on her breast. She can only feel it when she presses harder.

Thank you, downtondownstairs and deeedeeedeeedeee for your invaluable input!


A friend just told me and i had no idea that the 2013 blu ray edition of Matilda had a reenactment of the iconic chocolate cake scene with all the original actors made on their reunion party 

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I thought: If I’ll never get the chance to go to Glastonbury, why not try for the Montreux?

 Erm… yeah - two thousand Swiss Francs… and that’s without a place to spend the night, travel or food. 

BRB winning the lottery.

Where are the pic sets of the glorious bakes, my lovelies? I’d like to reblog something that isn’t #bingate

  1. monajo7 said: Poor little dear. Hope he’s well soon :) xo
  2. chelsiefan71 said: Sorry he’s sick, but he’s awfully cute! Hope he feels better soon!

He’ll be alright soon, I think. It’s the backlash of getting vaxed. Very important, but not without risk, I suppose. Though it’s only a fever and a really sore arm that I am not allowed to even look at… It’s a bundle of fun here at the Baardmans’ residence today.

Because there was nothing in the tin, I baked some biscuits last night to enjoy during GBBO